Open Your Business at Cirque Salon Studios

Live your professional dream at Cirque Salon Studios. Health, beauty and wellness professionals come to a Cirque Salon Studios location for many reasons. But there are common themes – Freedom. Independence. Empowerment. And, most importantly, Quality of Life – both personally and professionally.

Cirque Salon Studios is the latest concept in beauty services bringing together a collection of independent beauty professionals in one luxurious location. Each professional has their own independent business located in a separate suite sharing a common entrance foyer and waiting area.


Be honest with yourself.

From the moment you finished school and obtained your certification, you have always wanted to own your own salon. But until now, you’ve put off your dream because you were worried about the added costs and responsibilities of owning and operating your own business.

The time has come for you to live your dream.

Why Rent Your Own Studio?

Own your own business
Make your own hours
Set your own prices
Keep 100% of profits
Reduce your expenses
Avoid salon politics
Have more fun!